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TERMO - combi storage cylinder

TERMO combination storage system

Using solar energy for hot water and space heating: the combination storage system TERMO combines both applications in an ideal way.
10 to 15 m² collector area and a 1000 litre combination storage cylinder cover around 25% of space heating in well insulated buildings.

An improved Tank-in-Tank-System effectively pre-heats the supplied cold water at the bottom of the storage unit with a “convection chimney” and supports the temperature stratification in the buffer storage.
The TERMO can be attached via return flow boost or as hydraulic switch into the heat circuit.
The combination storage is available in sizes with 700 litres volume (approx. 60 l drinking water storage) and 1000 litres volume (approx. 240 l drinking water storage).
The tightly fitted CFC free 120 mm thick heat insulation made from PU soft foam with scratch and shock-proof polysterene coating also guarantees minimal heat loss. A stable heat stratification is assured through a narrow, cylindrical design and reduced turbidity at the cold water inlet.


The high quality standard not least is assured by the double layered enamel.
TERMO combination storage unit with CONVECTROL - hot water and space heating support – cost-saving and efficient.