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LBM solar collector

LBM – large solar collector for extra warmth
The variable collector system for large-scale systems

LBM collectors have been dimensioned for the professional use in large-scale systems. All over Europe, they are used in commercial environments such as hotels, campsites, car wash sites and district heating networks. Nevertheless, they are also used in larger systems of one-family houses for space heating support. 


The new LBM collectors, which were changed rootedly in 2009 stand out due to improved manufacturing methods and a completely modernised absorber technology: the new versions are endowed with a laser-welded aluminium absorber and optically appealing anti reflection glass (“sandy look“).The dimensions have been adapted as to guarantee an easier transportation and application. Likewise, the surface allocation is better than before: The collectors are now higher, but shorter while the surface remains unmodified.



Details at a glance:

  • Manifold tubes allow the parallel connection of collectors with up to 50 m² gross collector area in series
  • Fast and safe installation of large-scale projects due to flexible connections and crane mounting
  • Easy planning and installation of large systems
  • Laser welded aluminium absorber sheet with a highly-selective vacuum coating and meander made of copper pipes
  • sunarc® anti reflection glass with moth eye effect
  • Laser welding is responsible for an homogenous optic and the continuous surface of the abosrber
  • Efficient clam-shell insulation on the back side and continuous frame insulation


Manifold fields of application:

High efficiency, fast racking, better application and appealing optic because of the new AR glass and aluminium klick rails: The new LBM collector family provides expected possibilities. Especially the flexible and certified fast racking systems belonging to the TRIC series guarantee wide capabilities of application, anywhere, where much heat is needed.