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EURO C20 HTF - flat plate collector

EURO C20 HTF flat plate collector with selective vacuum coating

The EURO C20 collector with its gross surface of 2.6 m² is universal applicable. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally, on-roof, in-roof or free standing. As a high performance collector the EURO C20 absorbs the solar radiation optimally and delivers a high solar contribution rate.

The glass: Iron minimized for a maximum of energy yield!

The glass plates of the EURO C20 HTF collectors are produced with a minimum of iron and a pure glass-mixture which increases the sunlight transmission of up to 91%! The highly transparent solar safety glass, tempered and 4 mm thick, provides an excellent protection against environmental hazards. 

Absorber: highly selective for an optimal solar output

The highly selective vacuum coating of the absorber captures a maximum of solar heat and reduces the re-emission of the solar heat at the same time. The high efficient absorber provides a high solar output.

Casing: a minimum of heat-losses through all-around insulation

A 60mm thick insulation at the back side of the collector and complete frame insulation minimize the heat-losses and ensure high temperatures.

In idle state the EURO C20 HTF collector can reach temperatures up to 227°C!

High performance and easy to mount

The EURO collector family is very popular with our customers because it is so easy to install. It is high performing, certified with 10 years warranty and the certification “Blauer Engel” (blue angle) ensures recycling by Wagner &Co.