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More solar power – more freedom

Solar power systems have a very positive image as a high-tech product for environmentally friendly energy supply.

People around the world become aware more and more of global climate change and its negative impacts. The political decision makers embrace a policy supporting renewable energy solutions.

In Germany, for example, a renewable energy law has been in effect since the year 2000. Among other possibilities it guarantees an attractive price for solar electricity. This successful model – based upon rewarding environmentally sound behaviour in a market conform manner – now is accepted by more and more countries.

As a result, solar electric installations are particularly interesting for you at this time. An unshaded roof area of only 10 m² pointing southward already is enough to operate your own solar power plant – quiet and reliable. It gives a good feeling for a safe future.

When deciding for a solar electric installation, it is especially important to pay attention to the durability and performance of the components – there are significant differences. Wagner & Co only offers high quality products from globally operating and well renowned manufacturers. Additionally, high performance stability and effective energy output guarantee a high solar electricity yield. Anyone interested in high harvests and financial benefits therefore favours our powerful systems.