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Off grid solar electric systems

Our FREE line packages allow setting up solar electric supply far away from public grids. These systems also are also known as “Island Systems”. The packages contain basic installations forming the foundation for individual solutions. Depending on your wishes and requirements the systems can be upgraded or supplemented with modules, mounting systems, special consumers and inverters.

It is important to properly adjust all individual components to each other and to carefully plan the installation to meet the specific requirements of the systems location and purpose. Our specialized consultants will assist you in dimensioning your off grid system.

Wagner & Co engaged in Africa

In many developing countries access to drinking water is one of the most pressing problems. For this reason in 2005 the United Nations declared the international decade of water, bearing the motto “Water for Life”. The ambitious goal is to cut in half the number of people on Earth who have no regular access to safe drinking water. Together with a number of partners we at Wagner & Co contribute to this goal with several projects.


An example is a solar water supply installation that recently became operable in the province of Lagos, Nigeria. The project was made possible because of the close cooperation between Peter Hoenen, our expert for off grid solutions, and the Berlin based company SolarKonzept. Ulrich Jadke, CEO of SolarKonzept, personally traveled to Southwest Nigeria. He was loaded up with solar equipment donated by Wagner & Co, including a high-end Sanyo PV module and a Lorentz solar pump.


An existing borehole within the context of a development project near the city of Badagry was equipped with a pump house, hygienic tapping points and solar water supply technology. The project also includes an innovative pilot school as well as sustainable tropical agriculture.


Since then approximately 200 people regularly benefit from safe and clean water supply, which comes – last but not least – free of charge. The project was organized and also financially supported by the Adunni Susanne Wenger Foundation and the SONED Association Friedrichshain, as well as the Foundation “Umverteilen!” in Berlin. Maintenance and technical support are guaranteed by the local project partner “Solarstation Nigeria Ltd.”