Solar Heating
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Solar Heating

Protecting the environment economically with the sun.

Solar Heating

Let the Sun Warm Your Life

More than 3 decades of passionate solar technology

More than 30 years of economically friendly warmth, fairness, democracy and participation – And more than 30 years of economic success and various excellent ratings from independent consumer testing agencies:
Wagner & Co remains true to the goal of turning solar warmth into a powerful energy source for everyone.

Our company’s values are :

    • Ecological action
    • High-quality products
    • Cooperative relationships
    • Excellent advisory skills
    • Brilliant cost-performance ratio
    • Sustainability
    • Environmental protection

Climate protection without the risks of nuclear power
According to a survey of the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit“, the absolute majority of all Germans is in favour of an immediate nuclear phaseout. Moreover the humanly triggered climate change including its unknown consequences is a simple fact. Thus, there is no alternative for renewable energies with solar heating incorporating a key role. Our awarded systems help you to make a change. Order information!

The sun is our energy.