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CIRCO 25/80 - solar circulation unit

CIRCO 25/80 - solar circulation station

The solid core for solar installation units

NEW! More power for large installations!


CIRCO 25/80 is the new solar circulation unit for higher demands – more performance and with all advantages of the smaller CIRCO 5. In cooperation with the solar controller SUNGO S, SUNGO SL or SUNGO SXL, CIRCO 25/80 transports solar energy safely and efficiently from the collector to the storage unit. All heat carrying components of the solar installation are completely protected against energy loss by an all-around EPP insulation. Every assembly component is accessible via the insulation shells’ snap lock.


Extra easy installation:

  • Completely assembled and ready for connection 
  • 3 part insulation shell with quick release fastener
  • Cable shaft for controller wiring
  • Flexible connecting pipe for expansion vessel
  • Simple and safe due to clamp ring fitting


  • Double backup against gravitational convection in the solar circuit through 2 backflow preventers
  • Temperature-resistant through selected components, e.g. backflow preventers made of pure metal
  • Rinsing and filling fittings
  • Flow metre with control valve
  • Speed controlled circulation pump with SUNGO solar controller


  • Power requirement: 140/219/245 Watts
  • Pumping height (mbar): max. 800
  • Pumping rate (m²/h): max. 7.5

Auxilliary equipment:

  • Integrated breather pipe
  • Expansion vessel with wall mounting set and stainless steel flex tube
  • Storage connection pipework for mounting on solar storage