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CIRCO 6 - solar circulation unit

CIRCO 6 solar circulation unit
Heart and circulation of the solar installation

CIRCO solar circulation units bring action into your solar energy system. In cooperation with the solar controllers SUNGO S, SUNGO SL or SUNGO SXL, CIRCO 6 transports the solar energy safely and efficiently from the collector to the storage system. All heat-carrying components of the solar station are entirely protected against energy losses by an all-sided, fully sealed EPP insulation. The components are readily accessible through the insulation cases snap lock.


Extra easy assembly:

  • Pre-assembled and connection-ready
  • Highly efficient and accurately fitting insulation case
  • Cable duct for wiring
  • Flexible access line for expansion vessel
  • Simple access and secure compression fitting



  • Integrated air bleed tube
  • Double back-up against gravitational convection in the solar circulation unit by 2 non-return valves PPS (Fusing point 285°C)
  • Temperature-resistant through selected components and assemblies, e.g. full metal non-return valve
  • Rinse and filling fittings
  • Flow meter with control valve



  • Agitator speed controlled pumps
  • Power consumption: 44/62/81 Watt
  • Pumping height (m): max. 6
  • Pumping volume (m³/h): max. 3,5



  • Expansion vessel with fixture and stainless steel flex tube
  • Storage connection pipe work for solar storage mounting