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Solar Racking system "TRIC" from Wagner & Co

Efficiency meets certified security

Alternating climate and weather conditions and the adjusted DIN 1055 (snow and wind loads) lead to higher requirements of racking systems. Wagner & Co responded early to this development with a comprehensive programme of statically optimised and certified racking systems. Solar thermal collectors as well as PV – modules will stay safely on your roof! Furthermore Wagner & Co offers a DIN-compliant plant dimensioning with certification.


On-roof racking – the reliable standard solution


  • Safe and fast mounting
  • Ideal efficiency
  • Installation is possible on nearly all roof types
  • Light and high-quality aluminium mounting rails with coupling elements
  • Interferencing the roof cladding is unnecessary

In-roof racking – an architectural interesting alternative


  • Extremely flat, roof-integrated mounting
  • Collectors equal roof cladding
  • Architectural aesthetic integration
  • Solar packages including all racking components
  • Insignificance of snow and wind loads

Free-standing systems – infinite flexibility


  • Solar installations on flat roofs or as free-standing system
  • Landscape and portrait format possible
  • Aluminium- frame with variable angles of inclination
  • Stainless steel screws fasten the collectors
  • Certification for DIN-compliant static