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Solar heating know - how


All renewable and most non-renewable energy sources on our planet can ultimately be traced back to the sun. Utilization of solar heat is an immediate thermal conversion of direct and diffuse sunrays, and Wagner & Co has extensively developed optimized solar collectors with highly selective surface coatings.


The absorber coating:

A simple black coated absorber loses around 88% of the stored heat energy through long wave infrared radiation, while the Wagner & Co collectors merely emit 5% of the energy back to the surrounding, while keeping 95% - a true advantage!



Special glass:

The glass covers consist of a special highly-transmissive glass that in some cases features an innovative anti reflection surface with high-tech nano-structures. A technology allowing up to 96% of solar radiation to pass without absorption or reflection.


Optimised storage:

The generated heat from the solar collectors is supplied to a water-filled solar storage tank via heat exchanger. Afterwards, heated water can be distributed round the clock to kitchen, bathroom or wherever needed and thus can be utilized for reducing the fuel demand of the household.

Environmental label “Blauer Engel“ (Blue Angel)

All Wagner & Co collectors have been awarded the environmental label “Blauer Engel“, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious eco-labels. This means, among other aspects, that should Wagner & Co solar systems have reached the end of their service-lifetime after numerous years of reliable operation, our company is willing, not to mention inclined, to take back and recycle your solar collectors.

Put your trust in the sun! Aside from the positive image it commands, a solar installation is a benchmark for a sustainable environment and a commitment to future generations. Take advantage of the reasonable prices, high product quality and the various regional and regional level appropriations and subsidies.