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Solar Packages

Solar Heat - Hot Water Systems

and Space Heating Support

Intelligent solutions for every need

Solar installations from Wagner & Co come in all sizes and are available in all standards.
Here you will find some optimized package solutions and examples for use in private homes and small business (hot water and space heating support from 2 to 8 persons).


Hot water packages

  • ECO line - an economic and high quality introduction to solar freedom
  • TOP line - the solar power peak
  • COMPACT line with SECUSOL®compact security, designed for fast and easy installation

Packages for hot water preparation and space heating support

  • COMBI line - solar heating with the test winner
  • FRESH line - the flexible solution with maximum hot water comfort and hygienic flow-through freshwater station

Flexible solutions

  • DUO line - individually fitted two-storage installation for an especially effective combination of hot water preparation and space heating support

Components ( without solar storage)