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Functional guarantee

Solar thermal functional guarantee

We confide in the quality of our products and therefore for the following products offer you a functional guarantee beyond the statutory EU two year requirement:

  • Flat plate collectors: 10 years
  • Solar storage tanks: 5 years

This voluntary guarantee includes:

  • For solar collectors all deficiencies decreasing performance or compromising structural stability and integrity.
  • For solar storage tanks deficiencies of the enamel layer or the tank material itself that result from the production process.

The guarantee period begins with the date of production as noted on the type label.

In case of a guarantee claim, we will deliver, at our option, a replacement device or we will eliminate the deficiency. Compensation delivery will take place without acceptance of transport or travel expenses or labour costs.

Prerequisites for the guarantee to take effect are that the deficiency is announced immediately after occurrence, that all information necessary for evaluation of the failure is conveyed and that devices are only uninstalled in
agreement with us.

The guarantee requires that:

  • components are installed according to our installation instructions and the current technical standards,
  • commissioning and maintenance have been carried out by professional experts, corresponding with manufacturer instructions and have been documented in suitable protocols,
  • a back side ventilation of the roof according to current building codes exists,
  • neither glass breakage nor frost have caused the damage,
  • the installation has not been exposed to aggressive media,
  • and the deficiencies have not been caused by a third party or force majeure.

Cölbe, February 2008