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ECOplus - solar storage cylinder

ECOplus solar storage cylinder

Many years ago, Wagner & Co already had set a benchmark in the solar storage technology with the ECO G2 solar storage cylinder.
The optimized solar storage design of the ECO with its all-consequent heat loss reduction is deemed exemplary even by present standards.
The new solar storage generation ECOplus continues this tradition.
Our engineers succeeded in combining the tried and tested ECO principles with the improved easy assembly of the CONVECTROL – convection reducers. The patented CONVECTROL system enables horizontal installation of connection pipes to the solar storage tank by effectively stopping convection flows and heat conduction in the tubes. Until now, the connection pipes had to be laid out as a siphon loop to prevent gradual heat discharge during standby time.




Fluid mechanically optimized barriers in the convection reducers reliably separate cooled water from the hot water in the storage unit and in the process reduce heat losses by up to 50% in the circuit points. 

A tight PU soft foam insulation (150 mm thick at the cap) with scratch and shock-proof polysterene outer shell completes the insulation concept.


The ECOplus solar storage cylinders are available in 300, 400, 500 and 750 litre volumes. The cost-saving solar storage supply set contains all detachable screw connections.