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RATIOfresh fresh water station

RATIOfresh freshwater stations

Wagner & Co offers a range of fresh water stations for every need. High capacity and attractive design are effectively combined. The newly developed RATIOfresh stations directly hygienically heat up the water flow water: during the hot water tapping process, water from the hot water storage is directed through a stainless steel heat exchanger and the flowing drinking water is directly heated up to a preset temperature. The unconventionally designed bicoloured powder-coated sheet-metal case integrates all components together in a compact unit and nevertheless provides optimal installation options.

The freshwater installation system is available in three sizes. The RATIOfresh 250 heats 25 l/min, the larger RATIOfresh 400 even up to 40 l/min., enough to reliably and hygienically provide for multifamily residences with up to nine apartments. Their big brother RATIOfresh 800 is suitable for business applications, hotels and larger residences.


The RATIOfresh freshwater stations can be combined with almost every heat source and offer versatile functions. The controller can 

precisely keep the 30°C –70°C freely adjustable hot water temperature at any tap volume flow, even when the upstream temperature of the heating circuit strongly fluctuates.

The connections are very well accessible and allow for a simple and safe wall assembly. A direct mounting on all RATIO buffer storage cylinders is likewise possible. The installation unit is ready for operation with the plug-in connection.

The combination of a solar installation with a buffer storage unit and the new wood-pellet central-heating boiler from Wagner & Co is particularly environment friendly and entirely CO2 neutral.