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COMPACT Line Solar Domestic Hot Water Packages with SECUSOL®

Compact security, designed for fast mounting


The Wagner & Co COMPACT line unites attractive and space saving design with innovative technology. The fast mountable all-in-one installation for your hot water demand.


SECUSOL with innovative security concept

  • When pump is in idle state, there is no solar liquid in the collectors. In summer the design is inherently safe from overheating (drain-back system).
  • A drain-back system utilizing solar liquid rules out frost damage.
  • Expansion vessel, air vent and non-return valve as backflow preventers are not necessary.
  • The system accounts for a strong reliability and at the same time features highly reduced maintenance requirements

Compact storage unit

  • Requires no separate solar pumping unit. Pump is integrated in the storage.
  • Very good insulation through narrowly adjoined heat insulation of 75 mm CFC and PVC free soft foam.
  • The SUNGO solar controller is an attractively designed unit integrated into or attachd to the storage cover.


EURO C22 M10 AR high-efficiency flat plate collector

  • 2 x EURO C22 M10 AR collectors with a total area of 4.5 m²
  • 4 mm highly transparent sunarc® Antireflection glass
  • full-surface copper absorber with highly selective blue vacuum layer and anodized aluminium casing with continuous side insulation and 60 mm back insulation.