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COMBI line solar heating packages

Solar heating with the test winner*

COMBI line solar packages



* test winner 03/2009 (at Stiftung Warentest, German consumer testing agency) is our solar heating package COMBI line SH 1440 with  6 laserfused EURO L20 AR flat plate collectors and solar controller SUNGO SXL 








Solar storage with double usage

Our TERMO combi storage system enables you to utilize solar energy for hot water and space heating demand with a single storage tank.

  • tank-in-tank storage unit made of steel with enamelled internal drinking water tank
  • corrosion protection through double layer enamel and magnesium anode protection
  • minimal heat loss due to very good heat insulation with 120 mm PU soft foam insulation
  • options for circulation pipe, electric immersion heater and maintenance-free active current corrosion protection anodes.

Solar controllers SUNGO SL or SXL


  • Large range of applications with a selection of up to 10 system designs return boost, anti-microbial function (automatic disinfection), yield measurement and a comprehensive installation diagnosis
  • built-in security functions such as collector cooling, storage cooling and system protection
  • Data interface enables remote control, connection of a large display or analysis via DATA stick in a PC.