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DUO line

DUO line (2-storage solar installation)

The quality solution for the individual space heating and hot water demand

The DUO line solar energy systems are individually optimized according to the needs of our customers. Utilization of a solar storage tank in combination with a buffer storage tank and the hence consequently separated temperature levels for hot water and space heating, enable a maximum yield.



A practical example of an installation unit with 15.7 m² collector area:

  • 6 x EURO C20 AR anti-reflection flat plate collectors (15.7 m² gross area)
  • 1 collector on-roof mounting set
  • 1 ECOplus solar storage cylinder with 300l capacity
  • 1 RATIO HP-800G buffer storage tank with 800l capacity
  • 1 solar controller SUNGO SXL
  • 1 CIRCO solar circulation unit with expansion vessel
  • 1 canister of solar liquid
  • 1 comprehensive installation instruction
  • 1 x 3-way switching valve