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TOP line solar packages

Peak performance solar technology

The solar thermal top installations of Wagner & Co Solar Technology belong to the best in the solar industry. Their quality and performance was proven with top certification reports as well as garnering high awards and recognitions through independent testing institutions.

The Research and Development Department is constantly assigned with technical upgrade, refinements and optimization to meet client needs and varying demands as fast as possible. Results of these are numerous intelligent innovations in the whole system set-up, a robust and reliable technology and not least, a peak power performance such as one of Europe’s most powerful collectors.

The TOP line Solar packages include, depending on the configuration:

  • Highly efficient collectors of type EURO C20 AR or EURO C20 HTF
  • On-roof, in-roof or free standing collector mounting set
  • High quality ECOplus solar storage cylinders made from enamelled steel with highly effective 100-150 mm PU soft foam insulation (naturally free of CFCs and PVC)
  • CIRCO solar circulation unit with expansion vessel
  • SUNGO controller versions S, SL, SXL, where SL/SXL feature built in security functions such as collector cooling, storage cooling, system protection and numerous extra functions.

Top quality ECOplus solar storage cylinder

  • hot water storage made of steel with two generously dimensioned smooth pipe heat exchangers for solar and space heating circuit
  • corrosion protection through two layer enamel and magnesium anode or alternatively through maintenance-free external power supply
  • minimal heat loss through effective extra insulation of 100-150 mm PU-soft foam insulation (of course CFC and PVC free)
  • Option: increased efficiency through application of the patented convection reducer, CONVECTROL which reduces heat loss at the pipe connections by 50%