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Collector packages
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From collector packages for small-scale hot water installations to modular planned space heating support systems

Wagner & Co Solar Technology offers EURO C20 HTF and EURO C20 AR solar high-tech packages for every need. Depending on a collector package, some of the highlights are:

  • Selective absorber with vacuum coating
  • Low iron, optimized glass with extra high light transmissivity
  • sunarc® anti-reflection glass featuring the modern nano-technology (EURO C20 AR)
  • Special hydraulic with excellent quality control
  • High grade weather-resistant anodized aluminium frames
  • On and in-roof mounting system for various roof forms as well as optional free standing set-up
  • CIRCO 6 solar circulation unit for small and medium sized packages
  • CIRCO 25/80 solar circulation unit for larger packages of 8 collectors onwards