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Packages incl. EURO C20 AR

Packages including EURO C20 AR

The EURO C20 AR flat plate collectors – high-tech with nanotechnology:

  • Solar glass with Sunarc® anti-reflection surface with nanotechnology and particularly high-yield thanks to 96% light transmissivity < FONT> 
    • One of Europe’s most efficient flat plate collectors
    • Absorber with environmentally friendly and high-performance vacuum coating (95% absorption, 5% emission)
    • Enodized aluminium frames with continuous side and 60 mm thick back panel insulation

Collector packages with EURO C20 AR collectors (without solar storage cylinders) offer the following:

    • 1x EURO C20 AR flat plate collector set
    • 1x on-roof mounting set for collectors
    • 1x CIRCO solar circulation unit with expansion vessel set
    • 1x DC 20, 10-15 liter solar liquid
    • 1x detailled illustrated instruction manual
    • 1x SUNGO S or SL solar controller
    • all in-roof installations with black-anodized EURO C20 collectors

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