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FRESH line

FRESH line solar packages for space heating

The flexible solution with highest hot water comfort and hygienic freshwater station

FRESH line solar packages:

  • Set of flat plate collectors EURO C20 AR or EURO L20 AR
  • 1 roof mounting kit
  • 1 RATIOfresh fresh water unit
  • Solar buffer cylinder RATIO
  • 1 CIRCO solar circulation unit with expansion vessel
  • 1 SUNGO solar controller
  • Solar heat transfer liquid DC 20
  • Comparative installation instructions

The solar continuous-flow heater

  • RATIOfresh, a genuine solar continuous-flow heater with hot water exchanger that heats up water only when needed.
  • Three capacities available with an application range from one-family house to hotel, with 25-80 (and more) l/min hot water capacity.
  • The comprehensive control mechanism takes charge of hot water circulation and anti-microbial function (disinfection), among other features. 

Solar storage for hot water and space heating

  • RATIO buffer storage system in combination with RATIOfresh fresh water station ensures quality hot water preparation and solar space heating support.
  • minimal heat loss due to highly effective 100-120 mm PU soft foam heat insulation 

Shortlist of high-tech collectors

  • EURO C20 AR with 2.62 m² gross area – one of Europe’s most powerful flat plate collectors.

Control centre with intelligent SUNGO SL/ SXL

  • Exceptionally versatile thanks to 10 different installation systems with return flow boost, anti-microbial function (disinfection) and yield measurement and more (SUNGOSXL)
  • Built-in security functions such as collector cooling, storage cooling and system protection
  • Data interface makes remote control, large display or analysis through DATAstick in the computer possible