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Solar pumping systems

Solar pumping systems

The solar pumping systems from Lorentz are robust, long living, maintenance free and easy to install. Optionally either battery operation or direct connection to the solar modules is possible.

Underwater pumping systems
The 4” submersible pumps of the type PS…HR/C are helical rotor pumps predestined for drinking water applications, irrigation, pond regulation, livestock watering and more. Maximum volume flows of 2.7 to 3.6 m³/h, maximum pumping heights between 50 and 240 m, including controller.

Submersible pump PS…HR/C



  Surface pumping systems
The vane pumps of the type PS 150 boost can be very economically used for example for home water supply, water treatment installations, drip irrigation and more.

The pumps can draw water from depths of max. 4 m. The maximum volume flow is 0.9m³/h, pumping heights up to 140 m. Including controller and filter.
Vane pump PS 150 Boost