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Charge controllers from Steca and Morningstar

Charge controllers

The charge controller is the central distribution and controlling unit in an off grid solar electric installation. It considerably influences the lifetime and operability of the solar accumulator. Using only the highest quality of charge controllers therefore is self evident for us. We offer charge controllers of the leading manufacturers, equipped with state of the art charging- and monitoring electronics.

Charge controllers of the PR series from Steca

For voltages of 12 V or 24 V and load currents between 10 A and 30 A.

Temperature compensation and deep discharge protection of the accumulator. Polarity reversal protection, short circuit proof, dynamic overcharge protection and manual load switch. Self-explaining graphical status display. Very low energy consumption. Optionally with external temperature sensor.

Charge controller from Morningstar

For voltages of 12V, 24V and 48V and load currents between 6 A and 60 A.

Temperature compensation and deep discharge protection. All inputs and outputs are electronically protected against short circuit and electrical surge. The polarity reversal protection avoids damage resulting from wrong connections. Very low energy consumption.

Status information by means of illuminating diodes. Depending on the type the available accessories include status display, RS 232 interface and temperature sensor.