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Off-grid inverters

Inverter Morningstar SureSine, Victron Phoenix, SMA Sunny Island
Power inverters for off-grid solar electric installations

Inverters make it possible to operate standard AC devices on DC power systems. Our sinus inverters are even suitable for the most sensitive equipment, such as computers or medical devices.

Sinus inverter Morningstar SureSine
For 12 V DC systems, continuous power output 300W, very low stand-by consumption.
Possibility to connect external on/off switch.

Sinus inverter Victron Phoenix

For 12 V or 24 V DC systems, continuous power output range from 300 W to 3000 W, very low stand-by consumption, high overload capacity. Optionally with integrated charge controller.

Bi-directional battery inverter Sunny Island

For setting up professional off-grid systems with AC-coupling. For voltages of 24 V / 48 V / 60 V and 3300 to 3700 continuous power output, incl. intelligent battery management.