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FREE line packages

Highly-efficient and autarkic PV-systems can be build with our FREEline systems. The systems can be adapted to individual applications and supply e.g. holiday houses or even permanently inhabited buildings smoothly. The direct operation of 230V alternating current consumers is possible. Excellent charge controllers and durable, low maintenance gel-accumulators ensure an intelligent energy management and a sufficient power reserve.



The FREE line packages contain BP solar modules specifically tailored for off-grid applications, a high-quality charge controller, a solar gel-battery, halogen free flexible solar cables as well as connection accessories.

Every package also includes a straight forward universal installation instruction. The installations are designed for operation with 12 V DC




Battery capacity

Inverter / Charge controller

FREEline EP1600 12 V

460 Ah

Victron Easy plus / Morningstar ProStar 30M

FREEline SI3324

24 V

420 Ah

SMA Sunny Boy 1100 / Sunny Island 3324

FREEline SI4248 48 V

420 Ah

SMA Sunny Boy 2500 / Sunny Island 4248

FREEline SI5048

48 V

600 Ah

SMA Sunny Boy 3800 / Sunny Island 5048