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Mono crystalline solar modules from Sanyo

The SANYO HIT-Solar cells are characterized by a hybrid makeup coated with a thin layer of amorphous silicone. The advantage of this technology is a significantly increased efficiency. At high temperatures the efficiency also is superior to that of common crystalline silicone cells.

The HIT modules therefore achieve more power and more yield on the same surface than comparable modules.

The production of the modules is economically-friendly throughout: The creation of solar cells is accompanied by a considerable reduced energy input and without the addition of plumb.
Sanyo grants 5 years product warranty and 20 years power output guarantee (Functional guarantee).




Sanyo HIT 210 NKHE1 Sanyo HIT 230 HDE1

Power output

210 Wp 230 Wp
Module efficiency 16,7 % 16,6 %

Dimensions (L x W x H)

1580 x 798 x 35 mm 1610 x 861 x 35 mm