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Fronius IG plus, SMA Sunny Boy, Data communication
Grid inverters

Grid inverters transform DC current coming from solar modules to grid-compatible AC current. They are the interface between solar modules and the public grid. We use models from the IG series from Fronius as well as the SunnyBoy-family from SMA, the global market leaders when it comes to connecting solar electricity systems to public power grids.
The grid inverters are equipped with ENS (electronic network-control system) and a display. User friendliness, high performance and durability are hallmarks of these devices.

The advantages of our grid inverters:

  • Appealing design and excellent workmanship
  • Multiple options for data display, data monitoring and recording that leave almost no open wishes
  • Many years of experience and international reputation of the manufacturers guarantee sophisticated technology
  • First rate service: if required you are connected directly to the manufacturer via a hotline
  • Standardized mounting technology allows for a simple and safe installation
  • All grid inverters come with a product warranty of 5 years.