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TRIC racking systems

The long term installation of solar modules requires carefully constructed high quality mounting systems. Under this premise Wagner & Co distributes tested and certified mounting systems for more than 30 years. 


Individual dimensioning
With our newly developed dimensioning programme TRIC Optimo, our experts statically dimension your system quickly and exactly.
Above all, we guarantee with a certificate that the dimensionig of your racking system is made according to the best available technology and norms (DIN 1055).


TÜV certified quality
We made safety our top priority. A racking system for solar electricity has to guarantee the safe footing of the solar modules – even in adverse conditions.
Because of that – in addition to the installation- the quality of the components is of an enormous importance. In order to play it safe, all our racking systems are TÜV-certified.


TRIC© F pro - for Industrial Roofs
Flat-roof racking system, optimized aerodynamics, reduced load.
Compact design, no attachment to roof structure required. 

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