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Solar-Roof System

Hamburg-Bramfeld settlement

Solar roof – the flexible large-scale solution

Integration of large collector fields into the building envelope

Based on the projects from the beginning till mid 90’s, a collector system was developed that allows extensive adjustment to the architectural conditions. The Solar Roof Collector is variable in measurements and can be fitted according to the geometry of the building or the architecture of the roof. A high degree of security and impermeability is achieved through the formation of water-efferent surface as pillar-beam-system including internal drainage line and additional emergency drainage sections.

Numerous project examples show the installation possibilities of collector fields on saddleback roofs, town house lines, flats with pent roof, flat roofs with console mounting. The solar energy system can be harmoniously integrated into a structure but can be implemented free-standing as well. Aside thereby from individual measurements, individual detail solutions are made possible as well, such as snow arresters, integrated skylight, special variations of the pipe configuration or the collector field apron.