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SUNGO - solar controller

Solar controller SUNGO SXL

SUNGO Solar controller – the brain of your

solar energy system

Simply clever! The new S Line from Wagner & Co

A large illuminated display indicates temperature, balance values and system status with clearly visible symbols for easy readability.

Easy and safe operation via four buttons for vertical and horizontal scrolling through the menus. 
Extensive diagnostics for monitoring system functions, eg. sensor cutoff and monitoring of temperature difference “ΔT too high”. Integrated security functions such as collector cooling,
tank cooling, system protection and vacuum tube collector function. The solar controller SUNGO S is applicable for a one tank system.


Wagner & Co offers three different variations:



  • SUNGO mini - for the classic solar installation for hot water preparation – cheap and user-optimised
  • SUNGO S for the classic solar installation for hot water preparation
  • SUNGO SL for simple 2-storage installations or combi-storage systems with space heating support
  • SUNGO SXL for complex multi-storage systems with varied additional functions

SUNGO SXL the best thing for your solar installation

The SUNGO SXL solar controller offers versatile possibilities for an optimized solar energy system.

  • A choice of pre-set hydraulic schemes
  • Monitoring of switching interfaces and display of disturbances
  • Interval operated control outputs to avoid locking of pumps 
  • Recording of installation data via DATAlogging
  • Graphical presentation of the saved data with the included DATAlogging software

The accessories for more performance in the S line

  • Heat volume count for the SUNGO SL and SXL
  • SXL remote control for comfortable monitoring and control of the installation from your living area
  • DATAstick for recording of installation data
  • Radiation sensor for use in optimized bypass control

and many more...