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RATIO-HP G buffer storage

RATIO-HP G buffer storage

The RATIO – HP buffer storage is an excellent standard steel storage cylinder for solar space heating support or the combination of solar energy system and solid fuel furnaces. It is suited e.g. in combination with RATIOfresh fresh water stations  and is deployable in the individually planned DUO line systems. The storage capacities range from 500 up to 1,500 litres.


Connection possibilities for CONVECTROL - the high-performance convection reducer Cooled off water from pipes are safely separated from the hot water from the storage tank by fluid mechanically optimized barriers. In this process, heat loss reductions of up to 50% are achieved at the pipe connections!

Excellent insulation
100 mm thick and tightly fitted PU soft foam insulation with a robust polysterene coating and an easy-to-open hook closure strip.

Flexible applications through:

  • 9 connections with flat sealed 1 ¼” external screw head (upper one as immersion pipe)
  • deflectors and flow break for temperature layering support
  • 11/2" socket for electrical immersion heater
  • draining through 11/2" socket
  • variable heat sensor assembly with sensor strip
  • up to 3 bar operating pressure
  • optional sealed, plain ended pipe heat exchanger